Author: Williams, Michael

Student Employee Supervisor of the Year Award – 2020

Rebecca Bentley

Recipient: Rebecca Bentley

Rebecca is an Administrative Manager in the Office of Student Financial Aid Services (OSFAS) and has worked in the office since 2013.  She is responsible for the Call Center, which is staffed primarily by students, and handles roughly 50,000 calls per year. Even with the high volume and sensitive nature of the discussion of finances, she has created a positive work environment in which all of her student employees feel valued and look forward to reporting for work even on those difficult days. In addition to training her students in all matters pertaining to Financial Aid and customer service, she also includes them in the hiring process when searching for new employees as a way of mentoring.  She supports and encourages the personal and professional growth of all of her students and is warmly respected by all.

Student Employee of the Year Award – 2020

Ryan Palzere Student Employee of the Year

Recipient: Ryan Palzere


Ryan is a junior Environmental Engineering Major and a student employee within Community Outreach and Leadership & Organizational Development in the Department of Student Activities. Within his role, he supports up to twelve professional staff members and ten graduate assistants across the two areas. In addition to supporting their programs, he has demonstrated his leadership skills and commitment to creating a welcoming work environment by training and supporting new student staff members. Ryan has gone above and beyond to ensure that the needs of the events and programs have been met in the absence of a full-time Program Assistant and consistently exceeds all expectations.

Processing Work-Study Hires for the 2019-2020 Aid Year

Departments may now process work-study hires for the 2019-2020 academic year in Core-CT using the UC_TBH_WS template. Please be sure to enter 2020 as the aid year. The Job Effective Date for Fall work-study hires should be no earlier than August 23rd, as work-study begins on that date and ends on May 7th for those students with full-year awards. Also, if you are hiring a student for the entire academic year, be sure to select Fall/Spring for the semester. If you use Fall, it will only encumber the fall portion of the students award. Core-CT/Smart HR Job Aids can be found at

Minimum Wage to Increase to $11.00 on October 1st

The Governor has signed legislation that will gradually increase the minimum hourly wage in Connecticut to $15.00 over the next several years. The Student Labor/Work-Study Pay Scales have been adjusted to coincide with that change. The hourly rate for any student whose active payroll authorization is not at the minimum of the new pay class will be systematically increased.

The new pay scales can be found in the employment guide.