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Who to call for Assistance

Please this document as a resource to determine who to call for Student Employment inquiries.

Work-Study Balance Tracking Form

Work-Study Balance Tracking Form

Time Sheets

Payroll Dates 2019-2020 Summer/Academic Year

Payroll Dates 2019-2020 Summer/Academic Year

UConn Employers

Information regarding Student Paid Sick Leave may be found on Payroll’s website.

The "Gear Up" presentation for Payroll and Student Employment can be found here.

Other Employers 

Contact Center for Career Development for more information about hiring UConn students.

Off-Campus Community Service

Want to make a difference through your part time employment?

Students with a Work-Study award may earn that award through paid community service positions.

Login to JobX, click the "Find a Job" link  and select the "Off-Campus Work-Study Community Service" funding source.

Additional community service opportunities are advertised through the under "Semester Long Programs."

Transportation to these off campus work locations is often provided.

Student Employment Records and Information Management

Guide for Student Employment Records & Information Management

Important Updates for Students and Employers (Click Post for More Information)

Processing Work-Study Hires for the 2019-2020 Aid Year

Departments may now process work-study hires for the 2019-2020 academic year in Core-CT using the UC_TBH_WS template. Please be sure to enter 2020 as the aid year. The Job Effective Date for Fall work-study hires should be no earlier than August 23rd, as work-study begins on that date and ends on May 7th for those […]

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Minimum Wage to Increase to $11.00 on October 1st

The Governor has signed legislation that will gradually increase the minimum hourly wage in Connecticut to $15.00 over the next several years. The Student Labor/Work-Study Pay Scales have been adjusted to coincide with that change. The hourly rate for any student whose active payroll authorization is not at the minimum of the new pay class […]

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Summer Work-Study

If you student employee was awarded work-study for summer 2019, please note the last day they can earn work-study this summer is August 15th. 2019-2020 school year work-study will begin on August 23rd.

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