Child and Social Services 356


Coordinates mentoring and/or educational assistance for youth in various on-campus or off-campus locations. Student may be required to:

  • Provide reading, math, and other subject tutoring for students singly or in small group settings
  • Implement programming to develop social, language, and pre-literacy skills for preschool students
  • Implement programming to develop spoken and written language skills for native speakers of other languages
  • Provide mentoring and recreational activities for children and adolescents
  • Conduct small group activities and discussion sessions
  • Discuss children’s daily activities with key stakeholders including parents, teachers, and coordinators
  • Assist in the preparation of material for learning sessions
  • Assist in the evaluation of students’ progress, including administration and scoring of assessments
  • Recruit University students interested in community service work
  • Coordinate student work schedules and transportation (if applicable)
  • Assist with the training of other student employees.
  • Act as liaison between the University and off-campus agencies
  • Collect and organize data about program efficiancy
  • Recruit University students interested in community service work
  • Create and present information about community service projects and agencies to on and off-campus groups
  • Participate in staff meetings and training sessions


  • Previous experience in a similar position
  • Ability to complete tasks with minimal supervision
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Prior coursework in related fields a plus
  • Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Commitment to community service