Class IV Positions


Class IV positions require skill, knowledge, and/or training in specific areas. These jobs may prepare the student for a professional career. Work performed under this classification is different from other student labor and Work-Study jobs as standard job descriptions do not exist for these positions. Supervisors wishing to hire new students under an advanced level professional training position should provide detailed information regarding the position’s duties and requirements as part of the advertising process. This will clearly illustrate to applicants how the position differs from other jobs at the Class III level within that same job category.

On-campus departments do not need Student Employment’s approval to hire or promote specific students to advanced-level positions. Employers should maintain Class IV job descriptions within students’ personnel records filed within the department.

Supervision Received

Students working in Class IV positions do so under the general supervision of an administrative official or faculty member. Such officials shall delegate and review work, as well as conduct work performance evaluations.

Examples of Duties

Students in advanced-level positions may perform work in a scientific, academic, or specialized area that is predominantly intellectual, non-manual, non-routine, and/or requires some independent judgment.

(Examples: Develops computer programs for administrative or academic offices; conducts statistical or scientific research in support of departmental projects or operations; manages and prepares curriculum for child development classroom; assists in preparation of materials and cases to be tried by staff attorneys; using standard bookkeeping and accounting methods, maintains and audits financial records & prepares financial and tax reports; engages in the development of a complex departmental system; participate in highly technical or scientific projects)