Athletics and Recreation Services 244


Assists faculty and staff with recreation/athletics activities and programs. May be required to:

  • Be the responsible and authoritative person at assigned activity
  • Enforce rules and policies for safety and accident prevention
  • Address on-site rule interpretations and protests
  • Evaluate officials / monitors performance
  • Officiate recreational sporting events in accordance with official departmental rules and interpretations
  • Set-up and clean-up recreational area
  • Govern crowd control
  • Complete & inspect score sheets and time sheets
  • Check ID’s and obtain signatures from patrons, as required
  • Clean, prepare, and disburse equipment
  • Address player misconduct and unsportspersonlike behavior appropriate to circumstance
  • Evaluate team participation
  • Complete and file required reports and forms
  • Attend training sessions and staff meetings
  • Perform miscellaneous duties as directed


  • CPR and first aid certification
  • Knowledge of departmental rules and regulations (including written handbook)
  • May need to pass test confirming knowledge of official departmental rules governing the game
  • Customer service and communication skills