Fiscal Services 217


Assists faculty and staff with routine auditing duties. May be required to:

  • Under the direct supervision of auditing faculty and staff, examine, analyze, and appraise financial records and statements, operations, and performance
  • Assist in determining and recommending corrective action
  • Assist in the implementation of corrective action
  • Investigate loss of assets
  • Assist in the investigation and reporting of violations of laws, regulations, and policies
  • Attend training sessions and staff meetings
  • Perform miscellaneous duties as directed


  • Familiarity with accounting practices and procedures
  • Familiarity with business administration concepts related to the audit
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Computer literacy and ability to operate office equipment
  • Ability to maintain professional rapport with students, faculty, staff, and general public
  • Communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Attention to detail